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Here is a list of the most popular question and answers!

Q.Where do I bring my pooch?

A.Nowhere, I come to you, at work or at home, I'll be there!

Q. Do you groom cats?

A. No, at this time Ideal Shampooch is only concentrating on dogs.

Q. What if I see you on the street, "Can you take my pooch now?" 

A. If I'm available I'd be happy to accommodate you. This will not always be the case and is not a recommended approach. I won't put off a scheduled client and always recommend an appointment be scheduled in advance.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. No.

Q. "My pooch is very aggressive, will you take him/her?"

A. At this point the answer is, No. This is a small business and I can not risk injury for one groom. 

Q. Do you express anal glands?

A. No. This is a very sensitive procedure that really should only be done by a trained veterinarian.  It is often unnecesssary and if not done properly, can lead to medical problems.

Q. What if I forget and you do not have access to my pooch for our scheduled appointment?

A. Cancellation notice is expected within 24 hours of the appointment. I understand life happens and will not charge a fee, the first time. However, this is a small business and I need clients to take their appointments as seriously as I do. After the first untimely cancellation or no-show, you will have to pay your appointment in advance and a refund will not​ be issued if you miss the appointment. If this happens more than deemed reasonable, you will no longer be an Ideal Shampooch client.