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(Prices listed are estimates and subject to adjustment)

1-23Lb Dog  Nails+Wash                                       $65

1-23Lb Dog Nails+Wash+Haircut                    $75

23-55Lb Dog Nails+wash                                       $75

23-55Lb Dog Nails+Wash+Haircut                 $85

56Lb+ Dog Nails+Wash                                          $90

56Lb+ Dog Nails+Wash+Haircut                     $100

See additional add on costs below

All pooches receive the following, when appropriate:

  • Dremel or clip nails, relieves pain and discomfort and prevents the paw from becoming distorted. Dremeling gets rid of sharp edges.
  • Shave hair in pads, gives the paws a neat appearance and helps keep them clean and dry.
  • Shave or hand trim sanitary, for cleanliness.
  • Ears trimmed and plucked if the breed requires it. This will help prevent infection and/or more serious problems.
  • Ears cleaned with a pet ear cleaner designed to remove ear wax and reduce odor.
  • Lightly hand scissor face , ears, and paws.
  • An all natural, hypo-allergenic shampoo used for hand washing your pooch. We use different types of shampoos and all are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Some are for itchy and dry skin, others enhance the natural color of your pooches coat. All shampoos provide odor control and leave a long lasting scent. If your pooch has a medical condition, you are more than welcome to provide a prescription shampoo.
  • We towel dry each pooch, then bring them to the grooming table where we use a special blower, that not only dries them but gives them an Ideal massage!
  • Cologne - We apply a fresh smelling cologne (if desired) to make your pooch smell even better for longer than with just a wash.


  • Flea bath $10 - A natural shampoo that is fortified with lemongrass and sesame oil for a long lasting effect will be used.
  • De-shedding $10-$50 - price is based on size and severity.
  • De-matting $10-$60 - gentle dematting will be done once. If matting is severe, the dog will be shaved. If matting is a consistent issue, the dog will be shaved. Price is based on size and severity (a special de-matting shampoo will be used to aid in your pooches comfort. )
  • Bandana..... FREE!